The Village Tart: Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

by Susan on May 17, 2010

Dense chocolate cake is iced with a layer of nutella, marshmallow spread and a sprinkling of hazelnuts in The Village Tart’s Chocolate Hazelnut Skillet Torte ($5.95). The Village Tart is a newish bakery and cafe in NoLIta. It’s a little slice of adorable on Kenmare Street where baked goods beg to be bought and consumed.

When a bite of the torte included every component it was satisfying enough, but after the measly sprinkling of hazelnuts (go ahead, count for yourself – there were only three halves!) was gone, so was any hint of complexity. The torte, that looked so irresistible when it was being scraped from the skillet, revealed itself as little more than a glorified brownie.

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