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The Re-runs

October 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve eaten at a couple of restaurants that I’ve enjoyed immensely in the past. Few things are more gratifying than returning to a restaurant to find that it is just as good as you remember. On the other hand, it is utterly disappointing when your expectations are not met and your memory seems to have failed you.

Sometimes I return for a particular dish; sometimes it’s the vibe. But every time, there was (at least) one extremely positive aspect of my meal that I want to experience again. But, memory can be a funny thing. One has to be careful not to build things up too much, either to yourself, or perhaps to the people you’re dragging along with you.

A recent night at Il Giglio was pleasurable as always. Exceptional service, succulent langoustines, and tableside Zabione all lived up to their memories.

An evening at Shorty’s 32, however, was a let down. The skin on the roasted chicken was not as crispy, nor the meat as tender as my taste buds recalled. The menu didn’t excite me. The music blared too loudly.

This week, the re-runs continue. I’m bringing out-of-town guests to Po and also heading to Park Avenue Autumn. Will Po’s guinea hen be as outrageously good as I remember? Will we enjoy our evening at Park Avenue Autumn as much as we did at the restaurant’s Summer version?

If memory serves, I’ve got nothing to worry about, but my fingers are crossed just in case.

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