Azuri Cafe

by Susan on September 5, 2007

Watching the meticulous construction of a falafel pita at Azuri Café in Hell’s Kitchen will leave you mesmerized. Each bite of your falafel pita will leave you awestruck. Over a dozen ingredients comprise the falafel pita at this hole-in-the-wall that is not frequented for its décor or service. They’re all about the food at Azuri, and for that you’ll thank them. The plethora of ingredients (falafel, tabbouleh, pickled radish, hummus, eggplant, and tahini – just to name a few) are placed in a spongy pita pocket in a precise and specific order, leaving behind a masterfully layered creation of flavor. The freshly fried falafel are disk-shaped and carry their chickpea flavor despite their ingredient-laden surroundings. There is not a hint of oil. Somehow each bite (except for the finale), includes a morsel of falafel and a smattering of tastes from the other components. The last tangy bite, however, consists of just a small bit of pita and hummus, leaving your palate lemony and refreshed. Azuri is closed from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday.

Azuri Cafe
465 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 262-2920

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